Author: Toast

I apologize. This was never my intention.

Here’s what happened. One day in 2017, an email was sent out companywide containing a new marching order. The command was simple. Everyone had to start a podcast! My response? Great, less PS4 time! (F**k) Right off the bat I made the educated guess that a total, in-depth ‘stoner’ pod wouldn’t be deemed acceptable to the local ‘executive team’ of the Brobdingnagian media company I worked for. So, I got to thinking…

A long time ago, during the start of 94.9 Zeta’s terminal illness, (RIP old friend) there was a recurring conversation I had with two buddies. Why don’t I go to management and see if they’ll let the three of us do a Saturday morning Canes pre-game show on their waste of space sports talk station. I mean, no one listened to the piped in satellite shows they aired. There was nothing local on it. Besides, we were going to do it for free, just to have some fun. Their response…nope! And you wonder why local radio is a deceased rotting corpse.

All these years later, why not reignite that flame? So, I called them…the three of us were in a studio within a few days and knocked out episode #1 from the Big 105.9 studio. The Canes were about to kickoff the season against LSU at Jerry’s World and we were very confident that LSU wasn’t very good. At that time, there were only a few Miami Hurricanes podcasts out there, as a result, #1 got some legs under it and, well, here we are today, launching a website that we have grand plans for. 

Excited? Of course. Terrified? Absolutely.

The OBB standard is greatness. Launching a website that has to meet that standard on a daily basis is a daunting task, but I know the three of us along with the amazing group of individuals we’ve assembled, are up to the task. To those already in this space, we thank you for your service. You’ve all had a nice run, but there’s a new 5-star in town that’s about to become a Legend.

Go Canes! #OBB #OBBLegend #OrangeBowlBoys