Author:Max Bukovec

The University of Miami and post season baseball have long been synanomus. However the past 6 years have been a drought in terms of making a trip to Omaha, the promise land of college baseball. Here are the keys to a return to post season glory .

One, keep up with the timely hitting . In years past when the pressure has risen , the Canes have more often than not , collapsed under pressure. This year however they are clutch with two out hitting.

Two, the bridge to the closer. This year the hurricanes middle relief has been consistent in successfully getting the ball from the starters to the closer Andrew Walters. Come post season , good pitching can be the difference.

Three, getting hot at the right time. As cliche as it sounds , baseball is a game of what have you done for me lately. Getting off to a hot start means nothing , come June. If Canes can get hot in Charlotte , and secure hosting a regional bid, could go along way in setting the tone for the post-season and some Mark Light Magic.